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Mikumi National Park


Mikumi National Park

Mikumi National Park is located in the north of the Selous Game Reserve in Morogoro. Ulugulu Mountains border it in the North and Rubeho Mountains to the South- East. The main feature in the park is Mkata river floodplain. The park was extended to the border of Selous in 1975 and gazette in 1964 during the construction of Morogoro- Iringa highway. The park shares the eco-system with the Selous Game Reserve and Kilombero Game Controlled Area.

With 3,230 square kilometers coverage, Mikumi National Park is well –known Park in Tanzania. The park is very famous for its population of elephants, giraffes, buffalo, zebra and sable antelope. Predators include lions, leopards, wild hunting dogs and black-backed jackals and more than 400 species of birds have been recorded here.

Best time to visit Mikumi

Wildlife viewing in Mikumi is fine throughout the year, but the best time is from late June to October (the Dry season). At this time vegetation is thinner, and animals gather around waterholes. The end of the Dry season (September and October) is particularly rewarding as big herds of animals come to drink at the last sources of water.

Weather and climate in Mikumi

The climate in Mikumi varies from warm to hot and humid, with little change through the year. The warmest months are October to March, and the coolest are June to August.

Mikumi’s wet season runs from November to May. Rains occur almost daily, usually in the afternoon, but seldom last long. The Dry season is from June to October.

How to get to Mikumi

The park can be accessed from Dar- es- Salaam Tanzania’s largest city; this is after landing at the Julius Nyerere Airport. On the day of the safari, you will be picked from the hotel or any place of accommodation with our safari guides then drive you to Mikumi National Park.

Mikumi National Park is approximately 4 hours’ drive from Dar es Salaam accessible by Road.  The park is visited on short safaris as a weekend gets way. On the contrary, one can also visit the park and supplement it with other National Parks such as Ruaha National Park, Nyerere National Park, and Udzungwa National Park. Both these parks are close to Mikumi National Park.