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Is Tanzania Safe To Visit?

Tanzania through the seasons

Tanzania is an expansive country, covering nearly 365,000 square miles, making it more than twice the size of California. There is much to see and do, especially during the cool, dry winter months, which are the best time to visit. Your travel destinations within Tanzania will largely depend on your interests, and it’s important to be aware that security risks can vary by region. While most of the country is relatively stable, caution is advised when traveling near the borders, particularly if you’re exploring the coastal waters. Generally, traveling within Tanzania is safe, especially in popular areas like the Serengeti and Ngorongoro, which are among the top attractions in the country. Our Tanzania travel guide is packed with information to help you explore the country easily and comfortably. To ensure a safe and stress-free trip, consider the following tips:
  1. Stay informed about the areas you plan to visit and any potential security concerns.
  2. Follow local news and travel advisories.
  3. Avoid border areas with neighboring countries known for instability.
  4. Use reputable tour operators and guides.
  5. Take common travel precautions, such as safeguarding your belongings and avoiding isolated areas after dark.
  By following these measures, you can enjoy all that Tanzania has to offer with peace of mind.
Swimming with whale sharks in Mafia Island
Swimming with whale sharks in Mafia Island

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Safety Tips for your Tanzania Tour

Follow General Safety Regulations

As in any destination, basic safety measures should be observed in Tanzania. Avoid carrying valuables with you, and be discreet about where you store your cash and camera. It is not advisable to travel alone in the cities after dark. Steer clear of remote areas and beaches, even during the day.

Avoid Getting in Cars with Strangers

While Tanzanians are generally very friendly, scammers do exist. Do not accept rides from strangers or unverified taxi drivers, as travelers have previously lost their belongings this way.

Donate Only to Reputable Institutions

It is best not to give money to individuals asking for donations, as they often deceive travelers. If you wish to make a donation, contact your Trip Coordinator or local guide for assistance. We partner with several reputable charitable institutions and can ensure your donation reaches those in need.

Be Cautious of Traffic

Tanzania’s infrastructure can be poor, and road conditions are not always ideal. Exercise caution in traffic and thoroughly check any rented vehicle before use. When traveling with African Diurnal Safaris, you will always ride in a certified, safety-tested vehicle with a private chauffeur, ensuring a safe and seamless tour experience.

Consult Your Doctor

Malaria prophylaxis can be beneficial when visiting Tanzania. As with any international travel, schedule an appointment with a Tropical Medicine Institute or consult your family physician to discuss necessary precautions and vaccinations.

Is Tanzania safe? Traveling safely and seamlessly

Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. When planning your tour, your Travel Consultant will provide detailed advice on safety and security in Tanzania. During your trip, your local tour guide and Trip Coordinator will be available to assist you with anything you need. Contact us today for a personalized and completely safe Tanzania travel itinerary.

Please note: Despite our thorough research, we cannot assume full responsibility for the information provided here. For the latest updates, please check with your local Foreign Office.

By following these tips and doing some research ahead of time, you will find that traveling in Tanzania is both safe and easy.

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What Our Guests Say

Dzigbordi A
Dzigbordi A
Unforgettable trip to Serengeti with African Diurnal Safari It was a fantastic trip especially with my escort driver. He’s very patient and makes sure I see what I want. It interesting see these wild animals in their own habitat. I was able to see big 3 out of the big 3; Elephants, lion and buffalo. I saw cheetah too so that will replace my leopard, unfortunately I couldn’t see Rhino. There were numerous animals at Serengati aside the big 5.
diakiss d
diakiss d
During our trip, we saw many famous animal, like chiter, elephants, lion, zebra buffalo, giraffe and many others animals The trip were really amazing and took many pictures and videos and we enjoyed a lot it was a great experiences that we are not going to forget.
Alessandro S
Alessandro S
Absolutely recommended Great experience absolutely recommended! Great driver too 💪🏻 we saw all the animals we wished to see! Everything was planned by African Diurnal so we could enjoy the most without any stress in planning
Deogratias E
Deogratias E
The fabulous African Safari Tour in Northern Tanzania it was an African safari that included my wife and I and another couple (our friends). We started in Arusha city, went to Seronera, Ngorongoro Crater, Olduvai Gorge, Serengeti, and then ended in Mwanza city. It was a very wonderful experience. My wife and I and our two grown sons did almost a very similar safari tour in June 2019 by the same company and we also experienced the same excellent/superior service. From hotel choices, services in the tour vehicle, meals, etc., it was fabulous
Rachael p
Rachael p
Remarkable Lifetime Safari Experience! I had an unforgettable safari with Lameck's team. The tailored made itinerary for me as solo woman traveller, quick and easy communication and well controlled within my budget with quality accommodations! My driver Samson was a great guide and he knows everything about wildlife and parks, within five days I was lucky to see all the big five up close. I would definitely recommend African Diurnal Safaris to anyone looking for remarkable lifetime safari experience.
Alexandra T
Alexandra T
Best experience ever This was an amazing experience! Our guide knew exactly where all the animals are and we were very lucky to see all of them! We will never forget this trip. What a beautiful region. Long way to drive from kilimanjaro airport to seregenti park.
Grace P
Grace P
Amazing! Wonderful experience! My tour guide taught me so much about the Serengeti and the animals that live inside. We had an amazing picnic lunch under a tree in the Serengeti while watching animals graze in front of us. This was one of the best experiences of my life and I highly recommend!
A great experience. I only had one day to do a safari. This company did a great job in providing a wonderful Serengeti experience. Lameck, the guide was very good at finding most of the big five animals including getting about 6 meters (20 feet) away from three lionesses feeding on a recent kill.
Amazing 7days luxury Safari with great Safari Company Me and my husband had the best times and best organised safari from the beginning when arranging the trip as well as payments. Everything was great and our guide Lameck was the best ever, he is very skilled and well informed. He showed us the most incredible places and gave us great information about every animal, birds and plant we saw. He knew the roads very well and took very good care of us. When it came to lunch he knew how to set a wonderful table and pampered us well enough. We had a very exciting adventure with Lameck. Wonderful trip that I recommend to all who love to see the fascinating wildlife in Tanzania. Thank you African Diurnal Safaris and thank you so much Lameck for this great wonderful experience. Will definitely recommend this trip to my friends.
David M
David M
Sensational safari We enjoyed a great 4 day Safari. Our friendly drivers were knowledgeable and helpful. Starting from the western side meant that our first day was extra special as we did not see any other vehicles but very many animals.