Tanzania best safari operator specialized in affordable Tanzania and Kenya Wildlife Safari, Mountain Climbing, Gorilla and Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and Zanzibar beach vacations.

Welcome to African Diurnal Safaris

African Diurnal Safaris and Tours is a specialist safari operator with the headquarter office in Mwanza, Tanzania; we offer the best affordable custom safaris to all the top safari destinations throughout East African countries, including the Tanzania and Kenya wildlife safaris, Gorilla and Chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda and Uganda.

African Diurnal Safaris is a fully licensed tour operator in Tanzania that strives to bring you a unique and memorable East African travel experience through our expertise and our commitment to ensuring that each of our clients departs from Tanzania and other East African countries with memories of a wonderful adventure in one of the world’s most remarkable areas.

Who we are

African Diurnal Safaris is a specialist safari operator in Tanzania founded in 2016 by Lameck Sylvester a Tanzania native, he was born and raised in Tanzania and spent the majority of his life exploring the East African bushes. He is at home in the African wilderness all of his entire life and has a wealth of knowledge built up over the last fifteen years ago working in the hospitality industry around East African destinations.  He is adept at using this to create professional, seamless, extraordinary journeys through East Africa, easily personalizing and meeting clients’ specific requests as and when needed.

Lameck is from Tanzania and believes his home country to be the most beautiful place on earth. His aim is to promote Tanzania and other East African countries to the outside world as the leading global destination for travelers and nature lovers alike. He is committed to supporting local communities, and ensuring that local Tanzanian directly participate and engage in a sustainable tourism that helps the environment and improves the livelihoods of community members within tourist areas.

What sets us apart?

African Diurnal Safaris is a small safari operator company with a reputation for excellence and top-notch service delivery. We love what we do, and we love doing it well! From your first enquiry until after your safari, we go out of our way to ensure that we exceed your expectations. Of course, a lot of companies say that, but very few can match our track record.

Why book with us

We know Tanzania

Our Tanzania travel consultants have extensive knowledge and expertise in all the products and destinations that we offer.  We’ve been there, done that.  And we continue to go back to make sure that a safari you book through us exceeds all of your expectations.

We'll Help You Design an Unforgettable Safari

We will custom design an itinerary that is perfect for you, after listening carefully to your interests and requirements. We understand what makes a safari special and work hard to make sure that your safari vacation is the trip of a lifetime. Our aim is to ensure that all your questions are answered, that you are properly informed and prepared before departure, and that your safari runs smoothly and seamlessly from start to finish. We pay careful attention to detail and take all the hassle out of planning and arranging your trip to Africa!

Small Group Joining Safaris

A big part of the experience is our small joining groups for camping safaris. It’s these people that make travelling with us rewarding and exciting! On average for our group camping safaris is about six travelers on one safari vehicle and  the maximum is usually never more than seven in a one safari vehicle but still you can travel as small private safari.

Guaranteed Departures

That’s right. We’re among of the best safari company in Tanzania to guarantee every single one of our departure.

100% Price Guarantee

Being a 100% Tanzania owned and operated company and being based within the East African countries, allows us to offer clients the best possible prices for all tours, safaris, and lodges. While we strive to offer the best prices for each of our services, we also only work with registered lodges and operators who work within the law and ensure that your safety comes before anything else. And this is what is most important to us, giving you the best value for your money, while ensuring your safety and comfort at the same time.

Financial Security

Since all products and services are pre-paid through African Diurnal Safaris you will never be surprised with sudden additional costs. In additional to that, at African Diurnal Safaris we understand that security and safety are of paramount importance to you. We partner with one of the world’s largest payment providers and are able to seamlessly accept credit card payments from over 135 countries.

Download Our Brochure Presentation

East Africa is home to the best travel destinations in Africa. You have too much to see and experiences to relish when you are here. The region is filled with abundant wildlife, mountains, water bodies, white beaches, beautiful sceneries and more.

As African Diurnal Safari and Tours, we are here to help you experience the best travel experience all around East Africa.

Our Safari Vehicles

On all our safaris we make use of specially designed and converted Toyota Land cruisers. We have put a lot of thought into adapting them to the rugged African bush, the rough conditions and the bumpy roads, providing maximum comfort and at the same time ensuring the best safari experience for our guests. Our safari fleet is made up of specially customized 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers. Each car is equipped with:

  • A pop-up roof for 360 degrees viewing and photography both in the passenger cabin and front seat next to the driver.
  • A wide window screen for guests in the passenger cabin to conveniently view the safari sights comfortably.
  • Wide sliding windows for viewing/sightseeing and photography.
  • Special suspension system to counteract the uneven safari tracks and terrain in the game parks and maximize comfort when driving.
  • Child seat can be provided when requested.
  • Mini refrigerator (a fully stocked supply of complimentary water and minerals).

Meet Our Team

At African Diurnal Safaris we have a team of dedicated destination specialists committed to making your choice of holiday in Africa easy and quality assured. We take pride in providing personalized advice on a comprehensive range of distinctive tour and safari packages, quality accommodation options and different styles of tours with a particular emphasis on wildlife and nature, eco-tourism, cultural heritage and activity-based itineraries, all tailored to meet your individual needs.



Lameck has more than fifteen years’ experience in the East Africa travel and tourism industry. He has worked as an international tour guide for ten years and, in his words, has traveled over hundred thousand kilometers through East Africa destinations with travelers. Lameck loves nature and learning more about other cultures. He founded African Diurnal Safaris & Tours in 2016. You need to discuss more about East African safari with this expert.

Contact: Lameck@africandiurnalsafaris.com



Lemmy is a perfectionist who ensures that the reservations, office administration and general filing work is done with the precision of building a space shuttle. She maintains a comprehensive filing system which enables the rest of our team to always have the necessary documentation and information at their finger tips. She also ensures that all necessary legal documentation is filed in the prescribed manner.



Emily is an experienced tour guide driver who has been leading safaris and tours for African Diurnal Safaris for more than couple of years. The depth of his knowledge on Tanzania Safaris is nothing short of astounding, as any client who has toured with Emily will bear testimony too. He is an expert in virtually all areas involving travel in Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda. Emily said “East Africa is home to the best travel destinations in Africa. You have too much to see and experiences to relish when you are here”



Ndaki is our professional tour consultant; he has been working with African Diurnal safaris for five years now since we started our safari company. He has enough experience on travel and tours around East Africa safari destinations. He can speak fluent English and French. Ndaki said “The region is filled with abundant wildlife, mountains, water bodies, white beaches, beautiful sceneries and more. As African Diurnal Safari and Tours, we are here to help you experience the best travel experience all around East Africa”.



He is an experienced tour guide driver who has been leading safaris and tours in various safaris companies in northern circuit of Tanzania for over ten years and now he is working as an expert safari guide in Tanzania and other East African safari destinations for African Diurnal Safaris. Denis said “Regardless of your status, or where you come, we’ll ensure you get the moment of your life. We’ll help you create memories that you will cherish forever”.



Elisante has been a national guide for more than five years. He is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced guide and can shed light on almost any topic, from the history of the region to the cultures of the various tribes in East Africa, and even the habits and behavior of mammal species. Elisante will enrich your experience in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. He can speak fluent French and English.

We allow you to book with us directly from wherever you are. We try and make the experience as smooth as possible by accompaning you on every step.


We started with Tanzania only, but our target destinations have increase 5 folds. We now cover Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda too.


We have receive several awards for offering some of the best experiences of African Safaris on the market. Please, read our reviews online.

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