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Tsavo West National Park


Tsavo West National Park

Tsavo West National Park is located between the cities of Nairobi and Mombasa. Tsavo West National Park is the continuity of one of the greatest National Parks in the world.
The west incorporates rolling vistas of hills and bush, stark, volcanic outpourings, honeycombed tunnels shaped by the bubbling Tsavo River itself. Eden like pools and freshwater springs, shaded by palm and fig trees can be found at Mzima Springs and along the river banks. This breathtaking expanse of landscape attracts all of Africa’s Big-Five animals, the small and mysterious ones too. There are also sanctuaries for the black rhino as well as antelope, gazelle, melanistic servals, aardwolves and 400 bird species.
A Tsavo West National Park activity includes hikes to viewpoints e.g. Poacher’s Lookout, Rhodesian Hill, Ngulia and Kichwa Tembo. This is a good area for game drives with the longest game drive to Ziwani Swamp where one can have a picnic. Night game drives are also available.

Best time to visit Tsavo West

Tsavo West is best visited in the dry months from June to October and January to February. Although the park can be visited any time of year, wildlife viewing during the height of the Wet season (November, April and May) is not recommended. In the wet months animals tend to spread out due to the abundance of water.

Weather and climate in Tsavo West

Tsavo West has a climate characterized by hot and dry conditions. During the day, expect temperatures around 29°C/84°F, while 18°C/64°F is typical at night. Cool mornings mean warm clothing is a good idea for early game drives. Rainfall peaks in April and November.

The coolest months are full of sunshine, but very little rain. Warm clothing is necessary for open vehicle game drives. The ‘short rains’ followed by the ‘long rains’ comprise the Wet season. In between these two wetter periods is a drier stretch which falls in the months of January and February.

How to get to Tsavo West National Park

The driving distance is about 240 km from Nairobi, 250km from Mombasa (Mtito Andei Gate).

There are daily scheduled flights from Nairobi to Tsavo West airstrip as well as flights from Masai Mara. There are 3 airstrips in the Tsavo West National Park.

The main access driving routes are through Chyulu Gate from Amboseli and Mtito Andei Gate from Nairobi. The Park can also be reached via Taveta – Voi road through Maktau, Ziwani and Jipe Gates.

Nairobi is a popular entry point of Kenya into. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) is located 15km/9mi southeast of Nairobi. The country’s second international airport is Moi International Airport (MBA), and is 9km/6mi west of Mombasa.