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Murchison Falls National Park


Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park a natural wonder found in northwest Uganda. The fall is not only one of the most visited spots in Uganda but in the entire African continent. The name Murchison was given by Sir Samuel Baker during his explorations of Uganda during the 19th Century. As the largest park in Uganda, Murchison Falls has almost all of Africa’s major mammals. It is a Lion conservation unit and has one of the largest populations of Roskilde Giraffes in Africa.  The parks consist of vast savannah grasslands and also great forests like Budongo.

There’s plenty to keep you busy during your safari to Murchison National Park but the most popular activity by far is a guided safari. Murchison wildlife includes everything from elephants and hippos to chimpanzees and crocodiles. You can also see White Rhinos at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary which was built close to the park.

Once you see the powerful waterfall of Murchison, you’ll understand why the entire 1,500 square miles of the park is named after the cascading falls. The water comes from the Victoria Nile River, but it is not like the waterfalls you’re probably used to. The water surges through a narrow gorge in the ground that stretches about 6 meters, pushing onwards before it makes its way down a massive drop.

Best time to visit Murchison Falls

Watching wildlife in Murchison Falls National Park is generally good and at its best during the Dry season, from December to February. However, January and February can be very hot and scenery is more beautiful during the Wet season from June to November.

Weather and climate in Murchison Falls

The climate in Murchison Falls is tropical and hot. Temperatures are quite uniform throughout the year. Daytime temperatures of around 31°C/88°F are common, with it cooling down at night to around 18°C/64°F.
The Wet season runs from March to November, with a drier period from June to July. There is little rain during the Dry season (December to February).

How to get to Murchison Falls

Some of you may be wondering how to get to the park. But by means of road, it will take you around 5hours from Kampala with about 305km.Paara covers a distance of about 85km from Masindi town by the shortest route.

It is also possible to fly to the park by chartered or scheduled aircraft service from Entebbe International Airport (EBB) or Kajjansi Airfield near Kampala. Pakuba Airfield is the most convenient point of arrival for the main cluster of camps and lodges around the park headquarters at Paraa. Other options are Chobe or Bugundu.

When flying from abroad, you’ll arrive at Entebbe International Airport (EBB). It is located 46km/29mi from the capital (Kampala).