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Climbing Mount Meru

Mount Meru the second highest mountain in Tanzania, standing tall at 4566m, Its  located in Arusha National Park and offers some of the most spectacular scenery and wildlife diversity of any mountain in Tanzania. Mount Meru is a challenging trek due to its steepness, but is a great way to acclimatize before attempting Mount Kilimanjaro. Climbers are accompanied by an armed ranger due to the abundance of wildlife on the lower slopes. Mount Meru also has some historical significance to it, whereby some have suggested that it was the resting place of Noah’s Ark when it came to rest after the biblical flood receded. Mount Meru is a great trekking option for those who want to take on a climbing challenge and get the sense of being out in the wild, but are not quite ready to tackle Mount Kilimanjaro.

Flora and Fauna on Mount Meru

Mount Meru’s slopes are home to an impressive range of wildlife.

You will pass through several climate zones during your ascent, including grasslands, tropical rainforest, moorlands, desert, and ice and snow at the top.

400 species of bird, buffalos, antelopes, white colobus monkeys, and leopards could all cross your path on your trek.

Mount Meru treks combine a conventional trek with a walking safari through a diverse variety of ecosystems.

Mount Meru Climbing Packages