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Top 5 Travel Tips to Tanzania Safari

Top 5 Travel Tips to Tanzania

Are you planning a safari in Tanzania? If yes, then we want you to know that planning a safari in Tanzania can be as enjoyable as embarking on the journey itself. We have several packages that will give you the finer details of your travel to Tanzania.

As you are planning for that perfect trip, these travel tips will assist you in designing and planning; right from the how long you want your safari to last, to the best time of year to travel, great travel itinerary deals and a few bits of information to help you move smart.

When is the best time for Tanzania safari?

The weather in Tanzania will determine the best time for an enjoyable in Tanzania. There are three main seasons.

  • Season #1 stretches from July to September and is the best time to visit. This period is the primary dry season characterized by hot days and bright, blue skies, with excellent game viewing.
  • Season #2 stretching from November to February offers another dry period.
  • Season #3 stretching from March to May has rainfall, and you can expect precipitation. You don’t want your great safari to be interrupted by rain.

Game views in areas such as Serengeti are spectacular (think of watching babies come into being and enjoy the lovely emerald plains), as well as many migratory birds in Ruaha and Tarangire.

How long should my trip to Tanzania last?

This golden question is the first on our list of Tanzania travel tips. We hear this question a lot, and we will tell you that the amount of time you want your trip to Tanzania to last is entirely upon you. Our Tanzania travel tip is not to let the rain put you off! The best starting point in deciding the length of your trip is by looking at the multi-park or multi-country safari. You may choose to spend seven to eight nights on each of these safaris.

Whatever decision you make on the number of days you would like your safari to last, we can make your stay leave a lasting impression on your travel adventures to Tanzania. But if you have only three nights on your safari, then we can do this – stay at a single place, enjoy a variety of activities and maximize your wildlife viewing time, before you can say, ‘hell no, I have heard a lion roar right next to me.’ It is okay if you want to stay in one place for seven nights to enjoy the sights and sounds and downtime. Play with our trip designer and discover what’s best for your time and budget.

Do you prefer to drive?

Driving, without a doubt, is an excellent way of seeing the ‘behind the scenes’ aspect of a country, which you may miss when you choose to fly — driving between safari parks while a significant choice can be difficult and expensive because of the steep terrain and the long distances in the wilderness.

Our driving route in Tanzania combines Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro. You could also add Lake Manyara or choose to spend a certain amount of happy time on the Beach, which is only a short journey from Dar es Salaam. Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro merge on our route to Tanzania. Still, you might consider adding Lake Manyara or some time on the Beach, even though you may have to jump on a plane to hit the Dar es Salaam coast!

What attractions should not miss on my bucket list?
The Coastline and its Beaches

If you are looking for a classic ‘bush-and-beach’ holiday with an enticing array of tropical islands and more postcard beaches than sunbathing time, then Tanzania is top on the list. The Beach comes high on the list of our Tanzania travel destinations. Many flights depart from Dar es Salaam to the islands. The connections are so simple that it is virtually unavoidable to add many days to the Beach.

Three principal islands you don’t want to miss on your trip are; Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia. Each of these Islands has different and unique features to offer you. The coastlines give you a perfect mix of Old World and Beach comfort and are the most significant and easiest way to get to Zanzibar. The best place to be if you want to experience fantastic sea life, dive in the marine park and is Mafia. You will also be able to swim and snorkel with the whale sharks, watch humpback whales and swim in a hidden lagoon.

Pemba, on the other hand, although remote gives you a good view of Ras Mkumbuu ruins and catch the sight of the idyllic picture of Vumawimbi beach.

Step out and follow the beaten track

Next on our Tanzania travel tips is the beaten track. Some parks in Tanzania can sometimes get a little busy, so why not use this busy time to your advantage and try something a little different? The magnificent Mahale Mountains offer world-class chimp trekking, while a track to Rubondo Island, a tropical wildlife sanctuary in the center of Lake Victoria, will provide you with a Robinson Crusoe like an adventure.

With a dedicated Masai tour guide, you can traverse the Northern circuit and trek through the highlands of Ngorongoro. And if you want to get to Serengeti, but you are not so keen to be part of a crowd, see the Grumeti concession including Singita Faru Faru, or the more traditional Mobile Camp Legendary), to the west of the park. Tourists and lodges are few here, but wildlife is plentiful, and if you come in April or May, you’ll still catch the Great Migration.

Check out the airports
Bonus Tanzania travel tip

Another new travel tip is to take a look at the airports in Tanzania. KLM has just launched a direct flight from Europe to Kilimanjaro, 30 minutes away from Arusha, which is the ideal gateway for anyone heading north to the Serengeti. Look at ‘open-jaw’ fares, for example going into and out of Kilimanjaro. This option is the perfect combination to travel down to the coast after your safari.

Tanzania is a fantastic all-encompassing destination, but if you’ve got the best of wanderlust, it’s easy to combine a safari here with a few days in another country. The final Tanzania travel tips are to take a look at adding a few extra days to one of the neighboring East African countries.

Flight connections to and from major airports like Entebbe in Uganda, Nairobi in Kenya and Kigali in Rwanda) are excellent and time-loss is minimum. You are wondering how to add extra days to visit a neighboring country?

If you fancy tracking gorillas in Rwanda, how about combining Tanzania Safari with the classic Serengeti game and some time on Zanzibar? Our suggestion, a combination of Rwanda and Tanzania, is an excellent place to start. If Uganda sounds a better option, pair Queen Elizabeth’s tree-climbing lions with a gorilla trek in Bwindi and then, you can consider a rest and recuperation in Zanzibar. This option is a win-win scenario.

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