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Giving Back

African Diurnal Safaris gives back to our community

At African Diurnal Safaris, we strongly believe in giving back to our community that we served in. It is therefore of prime importance to us, that we place consideration for our local communities at the heart of our business strategy.

One of the goals of African Diurnal Safaris is to provide opportunities to those who otherwise would not have received them.

By booking Safari or Kilimanjaro Climb with African Diurnal Safaris, we are able to use 10% of our profits through our business to support Dr. Gabone Quality Healthcare Solutions & Consulting; projects which aim to provide Education and Training to health care workers and engage to Community Outreach Projects in Dodoma, Dar Es Salaam and other regions of Tanzania, to increase awareness in individual health practices.

Together we can help and support Dr. Gabone QHSC Inc. projects with your valued contributions. You will help to improve  and save human lives. You can also be directly involved by joining the QHSC team of professional mission volunteers. For any assistance don’t hesitate to contact us.

We Need Your Support Today

About Dr. Gabone Qhsc

Dr. Gabone Quality Healthcare Solutions & Consulting,

Was founded in 2019 by Dr. Harrieth K. Gabone. While volunteering for several medical missions in her home country of Tanzania, she identified a continuous need for improving clinical nursing education, patient safety outcomes, and community health. The organization focuses on utilizing evidence-based clinical practices to improve the lives and health of the people in Dodoma, Dar Es Salaam, and other areas in Tanzania.

Our Mission

To create a patient environment that facilitates improvement in knowledge of an individual’s health practices and behaviors that ensure patient safety.

Our Vision

To provide targeted education and training to empower nursing and medical staff with ongoing competent clinical skills when providing daily patient care and community outreach services.

Join Us To Empower Healthcare Providers to Educate and Train Global Nursing, Medical Professionals and Individuals to Improve Health Practices.