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Our Safety Measures during Covid-19


As Tanzania re-opens tourism in again from June, African Diurnal Safaris managements took his time to prepare this guide and offer to give our customers the most important information they need to know on before they go on safaris;

  1. Safety measures by African Diurnal Safaris and National Standard operating procedures for managing COVID – 19.
  2. Benefits of traveling during this time and why this is the golden chance to visit Tanzania
  3. Why you should postpone your safari rather than canceling.

In case you’re pressed with time, below are the key takeaways;

  •  Tourism in Tanzania is back from June for the first time in two months.
  • You can now book your tour with no initial deposit and pay once you arrive.
  • With the best time for game viewing, no crowding, and best prices ever, now is your golden chance to visit Tanzania.
  • African Diurnal Safaris has launched COVID-19 Safari Stimulus Program with up to 10% discount (only for 2020 to 2021 travelers).
  • We’re dedicated to assisting with postponements of bookings for up to 12 months
  • Strict new rules include thermal scanning, vehicle sanitization before and after every transfer, 14-days quarantine for staff in all tourism facilities, training for SOPs of COVID-19 psycho social support and emergency first aid course to all our staffs and COVID-19 testing.
  • More than 10 countries in Europe are looking to resume tourism by June.
  • Elsewhere in the WHO reports, it seems virus will stay for us for some time, we need to cope.

In the manner that lockdowns ease across the globe and borders reopen to some countries, the global tourism is set to return, however, this time with strict measures to avoid the second wave of Corona pandemic.

And with all safety measures considered, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism in Tanzania is determined to put tourism back on the map for the much loved dry season that starts from June.

Frequently Asked Questions
However, the country wouldn’t like to put its citizens in danger, neither its visitors. We are committed to resuming our tourism while staying healthy and safe. On that premise, we need to cover you with the most important things you need to know about safety measures during the safari, the information which is resulted from the common questions our customers have been asking frequently.

Why should I travel during this time?
Starting from June, the best time to visit Tanzania goes all the way early November. During these months;

  • Game viewing is at its best. • Wildebeests’ migration is at its prime.
  • Less crowding hence less risk & perfect situation for photographing.
  • Benefit with up to 20% discount if you book with us during this time.
  • Best offers – the rates are at their lowest. From international flights, travel packages to accommodation rates, this is the golden choice to visit Tanzania.
  • Corona has spread all over the world at the moment, getting on with life while protecting yourself is the key rather than just staying at home.
  • As the signs show, Corona is likely to live with us for a few more months. That forces us to cope with it and make sure life goes on with safety plans in place.

Will I be required to do 14-days quarantine after entering Tanzania prior to my journey?
The answer is NO, there won’t be 14-days quarantine, and however, the following should be met;

  • Visitors must have COVID-19 negative certificates prior to arrival, those that do not will be subjected to testing on arrival.
  • If a visitor is found to be positive arrangements will be made at the advice of the Rapid Response Team.
  • All visitors shall be subjected to screening by public health officials to detect high body temperature and other COVID – 19 symptoms.

How safe are the vehicles & driver/guides?
National Standard operating procedures for managing COVID – 19 strictly requires the tour operators;

  • To 14-days quarantine their staff members including the tour guides to be quarantined 14 days or tested before going to do provide any tourism-related service to the visitors.
  • To ensures the guides maintain a distance of not less than one (1) meter from a visitor.
  • To make sure each guide exercises and adheres to the best sanitation practices.
  • To assert that all staff use recommended protective gears e.g. masks when attending guests and servicing guest areas.
  • To arrange that all vehicles get sanitized with recommended solutions and sprayed before and between each transfer.

What are the procedures around accommodations I will be staying at?
National Standard operating procedures for managing COVID – 19 has laid down the safety measures and in combination with your own self-awareness in protecting yourself, a safe trip is more than possible. Below are the accommodation facilities safety measures;

• Screening at hotel facilities for temperature done at points of entry.

• Accommodation staff should wear protective gear including face masks and gloves.

• Accommodation staff should make sure they don’t come 1 meter less close to the guests.

• All accommodation facilities should frequently clean surfaces in the workplace, such as workstations, countertops, light switches and doorknobs.

• Dining and breakfast facilities should limit the number of guests to adhere to the safety distance required with tables also hosting a limited number of seats.

• Buffet style meals should be avoided. • Guests should be managed to be spread out at all times.

• Items that guests handle regularly must be sanitized regularly.

Is there any rescue plan by African Diurnal Safaris?
On every tourism entity is required to have in place an insurance mechanism for assisting guests to reach a designated hospital as approved by the Ministry of Health or to enable evacuation arrangements. I am happy to assure you that we already have that plan in place.

What are the safety measures at Tanzanian Airports?
National Standard operating procedures for managing COVID – 19 requires the Airports Authority to assure that;

• Screening for temperature is done at every entry & exit points.

• Check-in distancing should be observed.

• All protective measures like; distancing, sanitization, a number of people in the lounge area should be exercised for both visitors and staff.

What is the best decision, canceling or postponing my trip?
We strongly advise that our customers who are not in the position to travel in their initial booking time POSTPONE their holidays rather than canceling. We’re dedicated to assisting with postponements of bookings for up to 12 months.

What are the current COVID – 19 situations in Tanzania?
Following the peak period in the country which appears to between April and the first week of May, the situation seems to cool now with very few patients in the hospitals at the moment.

What is the monitoring plan?
All tourism entities will be monitored by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ministry of Health and together they will ensure;

• Each facility, car, the entity has on public display contact numbers of the Rapid Response Team.

• Guests and residents are encouraged to contact the Rapid Response Team on any occasion should they feel that a person, facility, or entity is not adhering to the safety measures.

• Each tourism entity should have the protocol in case of an emergency. This should explain if anyone becomes ill for example, – where does he go if high fever, or if tested positive, etc.

What is African Diurnal Safaris COVID-19 Safari Stimulus Program?
This is a program to help our customers achieve their East Africa dream even in this hard economic period. Under this program, you’ll only pay up to 80% of the normal rates of whatever package you book with us. This discount can be 5% to 20% depending on nature your tour (number of people, days, etc.)

This specific program is only available to new clients. If you have already booked with us and you need to discuss relief options, contact your safari consultant.

What if I book and fail to travel due to different reasons?
Along with our safari stimulus package, we have made a significant change in our payment terms where you should not be required to make an initial deposit to book with us. Instead, you can make your payments after arrival. That way, your money will be much safe in case of an unforeseeable emergency.

Isn’t this too early by Tanzania Government?
June and July is not too early; I think this is the perfect timing which matches the opening times by most countries out there.

Many countries are determined to welcome back tourism from June in a view to having people rejoice with the summer after weeks or months of being hidden away at home under the lockdown.

In the same fashion, several organizations have started putting in place the action plans for safe traveling, a situation which is eagerly anticipated by millions of travelers who need refreshment after this huge wave of COVID-19.

In summation,
Chances are, the COVID – 19 is going to carry on for some time.

The best thing we can do is finding the means to cope in the way that we won’t jeopardize our lives and those of our beloved ones.

We appreciate the trust our customers have given us since day one. We’re in no way going to trade that trust with anything. That is why we will usually make sure that we have each and every stipulated safety measure in place for our visitors prior from June 2020.

All the best and let’s get through this together.

Lameck J. Sylvester,

Managing Director

African Diurnal Safaris.

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